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Dear Visitor,
Thank you for your interest in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Inc. (AIM). Following our acquisition by Inspirata®, Inc. in January 2018, we have recently formally transformed into Inspirata Canada Inc.

Being part of a global company with access to the most advanced and proven technologies, we are now able to address the complex challenges of delivering cancer care and conducting ground-breaking research more broadly. Our solutions now span from digital pathology to a comprehensive suite of AI/NLP-enabled cancer informatics.

In addition to our automated cancer reporting (E-Path) and tumor abstracting (Abrevio) systems, we will also continue to support all our customers and AIM software products, including Merlin Cytology LIS, TissueMetrix, our population-based Cervical Cancer Screening system, and Pediatric Oncology Registry system.

We are excited to help patients fighting cancer, and the clinicians they trust, thus making every moment matter. Please visit our new website to see how we do that.

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