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Our mission is to develop innovative information systems that leverage artificial intelligence to improve medical research, disease prevention, and healthcare service delivery, for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

Automated Cancer Reporting

E-Path Reporter

In many parts of the world, cancer is a reportable disease. Hospitals and laboratories that diagnose cancer are required by legislation to report new diagnoses to local, regional and state/provincial cancer registries within a limited time frame. Fulfilling reporting requirements can be labor intensive and time consuming.

AIM’s E-Path Reporter is the industry leading automated cancer reporting system, in operation at over 400 institutions spanning Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Key benefits include:

• Labor saving (up to 80%)
• Timeliness (reporting is near real-time)
• Accuracy (more accurate the human review)
• Consistency (standardizes reports)

• HIPAA legislation compliant
• NIST security compliant
• Fault tolerant (no lost data)
• High throughput

What’s more, when E-Path Reporter is coupled with AIM’s Abrevio™ system, customers can realize the benefits of automated abstracting of specific tumor properties, such as primary site, morphology, laterality and grade, to significantly streamline tumor abstracting and reporting.

Auto-Abstracting & Coding


Much of the information describing a patient’s case of cancer is already in your institution; from surgical notes, to pathology reports, to cytogenetic analyses, clinic visits and consultation reports. The problem is that the information is embedded in text and getting at the details can be arduous and time consuming. There are simply too many documents to review. Abrevio solves the problem and gives institutions the ability to tap into the value of the information that already exists.

Abrevio is a system that automatically consolidates documents from various sources into cases of patient tumors and then uses A.I. to extract discrete data from these documents that describe the demographics, tumor properties, interventions and outcomes of each case. When coupled with AIM’s E-Path system for electronic data capture, Abrevio continuously builds a repository of richly annotated cancer cases which can be used to support many value added activities, such as:

• Automated tumor coding & reporting
• Monitoring of quality indicators (e.g. Colonoscopy Case Study)
• Compliance with COC-RQRS reporting
• Providing information for tumor boards

• Automated rapid identification of candidates for clinical trials
• Accessing extensive datasets for retrospective analysis
• Data mining & machine-learning

Collaborative Research & Biobanking


If you conduct research studies that require management of patients and specimens, or are building biorepositories to support future research, TissueMetrix is the data management platform you’re looking for. TissueMetrix is a full-featured system that supports multiple research projects and specimen collections on one common platform and is available for on-site deployment or as a cloud service. And with a sophisticated security model, TissueMetrix permits inter-institutional collaboration while safeguarding patient privacy and controlling access to specific sets of information. TissueMetrix features include:

• Master person index
• Clinical report forms designer & editor
• Unique specimen identification & bar-coding
• Unique patient/donor identification
• Patient consent tracking
• Specimen chain of custody tracking
• Patient-Event specimen & data collection model
• Collection kit maker

• Physical inventory modeler & specimen location tracking
• Specimen parent-aliquot-derivative tracking
• Requisitions (orders) & specimen dispensing
• Query writer
• Data exports in various formats
• API for programmatic access
• FDA CFR 21/11 security controls & OWASP ESAPI web security

TissueMetrix is scalable and flexible, allowing customers to configure research projects and specimen collections to their preferences. And it is easily accessed by users, since it requires no software installation on user’s computers or tablets, just a modern browser.

Bespoke Solutions

Sometimes “Custom” is What You Need

Standardized off-the-shelf commercial software cannot meet every need, no matter how “configurable” the software claims to be. Sometimes, healthcare projects require custom solutions to satisfy unique needs, workflows, regulatory requirements, etc. When a bespoke solution is required, we are uniquely positioned to help you create the information management system you need. We understand the medical environment, its language, paradigms, regulations, standards and technology. Our team of engineers, analysts, and project managers apply sound engineering principles and best practices to guide you and your team through the process to ensure success. Examples of our work include:

• The GEM Project – Information management for an international cohort study into the causes of inflammatory bowel disease
• POGONIS – A specialized cancer registry system for pediatric cancer patients and survivors
• ISIS-CSP – Province-wide information systems for cervical cancer screening and prevention

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