Technical Support

 AIM technical support staff are available to answers any questions you may have and to help troubleshoot & resolve problems

1 866 645 2224

Mon-Fri, 9:00-17:00 EST
Excludes statutory holidays

Response Time < 4 hours
Usually under 30 minutes

AIM supports all of its software products under an annual Software Maintenance and Upgrade Subscription program. These subscriptions allow customers to receive software patches and version upgrades, as these become available, at no extra charge. Under the subscription agreement AIM warranties that its software will function in accordance with specifications and that AIM will release patches or workarounds to repair defects.

AIM also continuously improves its software products based on user feedback, advances in technology, best practices, changes to applicable regulations, etc. Feature upgrade cycles vary from product to product but are usually not less than 12 months. Software patches to fix defects may be issued more frequently, depending on the severity of the issue and its impact on operations.

AIM’s Guided Implementation Programs ensure that you achieve success with our innovative technology and solutions. Guided implementation means that customers are assigned a professional and knowledgeable representative to help plan and manage the installation, configuration, acceptance testing, training, system integration, technical knowledge transfer, and other tasks necessary to ensure that your solution is deployed and working to its maximum potential. The guided implementation process includes online and on-site interaction.

Beyond the technical support of our products, AIM also offers customers on-going IT services that may be required to manage your infrastructure, perform database maintenance, data administration, customizations, system relocation, integration and so on. These services may be requested on an as-needed basis or through pre-purchased retainer agreements offered at reduced rates.

Lexicon Updates

E-Path Reporter AI Engine lexicon component upgrades are released every 6 months. View the latest enhancements below or review an archive of previous upgrades.


Need extended support? Support can be extended outside of normal business hours (including 24×7 coverage) as well as weekends and holidays. Special coverage can be obtained via a special service level agreement.