Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

We apply artificial intelligence to solve specific problems in the healthcare industry. We are focused on practical applications of AI that streamline administrative workflows, automate routine tasks, and augment healthcare professionals’ ability to deliver high quality services.

A New, Better Approach

Our core competencies bridge traditional enterprise information management with AI expertise to bring a dynamic and innovative approach to data acquisition, data processing and data analysis and applications.

Data Acquisition

Consolidation & Abstracting

Data Analysis & Application

Undiscovered Value

Our products and services help healthcare institutions realize untapped value in information that already exists, but in formats that are not suitable for analytical purposes. The vast majority of information in the healthcare domain is in the form of documents and narrative text: surgical notes, diagnostic reports, nursing reports, visit summaries, consultation reports and so on.

New Uses for Data

Our technology converts this information into computable data elements and builds information resources that allow institutions to do new and innovative things with the data—such as streamline cancer reporting for surveillance purposes, build large richly-annotated databases of cancer cases, automatically match patients to clinical trials, and monitor quality indicators in cancer care.

We are not replacing doctors with robots or thinking machines. We are providing innovative technology to make sense of, and realize value from, the increasing volume of data in the healthcare environment—for the benefit of doctors, nurses, administrators, researchers, and ultimately patients.