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Product Logos 15TransMed is AIM’s application integration platform enabling secure automated exchange of data between different computer applications. TransMed supports both HL7 and XML data payloads and various connectivity options including TCP/IP sockets, HTTP, FTP, File I/O and web services. TransMed supports sending and receiving security measures for data encryption and authentication, such as third-party PKI certificates. The TransMed engine executes transaction protocols as O/S services in a multi-threaded environment. The TransMed Service Manager controls and monitors these services. The TransMed Protocol Editor allows system integrators to visually develop transaction protocols, add customized scripting, and deploy transaction protocols to the engine. The TransMed platform is compatible with various Microsoft Windows operating systems.



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  • We needed a project management system that would allow us to keep track of who was recruited for the GEM Project study, what samples were obtained, etc... AIM developed a secure, zero footprint web solution for us.

    Dr. Kenneth Croitoru, Project Leader, GEM Project | Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON

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  • We use AIM's IT and integration services at the Princess Margaret Cancer Registry. The value of the information here is quite extensive. I think it’s one of the most in-depth registries around.

    Gregory Zufelt, Cancer Registrar | Princess Margaret Cancer Registry, Toronto, ON

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