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Product Logos 15Allows operators to define multiple concurrent “searches” for finding potential candidates for different studies or finding data for epidemiological research. RCA continuously monitors HL7 pathology feeds to find potential matches and keeps track of patients associated with each search. RCA features automated alerts to push information to coordinators or principal investigators, includes de-identification of patients, and allows operators to view pathology information in standardized format. RCA is a client-server application compatible with Microsoft Windows desktops and Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or PostGRES RDBMS back-ends. Requires E-Path Reporter—Pathology Edition, or a NAACCR compatible HL7 pathology feed.


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    AIM offers RCA bundled with E-Path. For bundle information and pricing please call 1.866.645.2224 or email letstalk@aim.ca and we'll be happy to assist you.

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    PCRS (Patient Cancer Registry System) AIM’s patient cancer registry system features a patient-event model in which cancer data is stored in the context of milestones in each patient’s journey through the cancer care continuum. PCRS supports rich standards-based case annotation allowing organizations to monitor the incidence and prevalence of cancer, the demand for care, the type and specifics of treatment, patient outcomes, and the long-term effects of a patient’s cancer and its treatment. PCRS is a client-server system that requires a Microsoft Windows desktop and an Oracle RDBMS back-end. PCRS supports XML data exports and imports and can be integrated with EMR, HER, LIMS and point of care systems.


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  • Instead of visiting each facility on a weekly basis, two-thirds to three-quarters of our cases are ascertained using Synoptex.

    Dr. Michael Goodman, Medical Director | Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics, Atlanta

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  • The staff at AIM are constantly seeking ways to improve their software.

    Ruthie Sweat, Manager, Clinical Trials | DeKalb Medical, Georgia

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  • The staff at AIM are constantly seeking ways to improve their software

    Ruthie Sweat, Data Management, Clinical Trials | DeKalb Medical

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