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Product Logos 15Secure web-based biobanking software for any scale. Supports multiple collections with different ontologies and multiple participating institutions. No software installation required for users (zero footprint). Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers on various computer platforms. Features a comprehensive API for integration with other applications or for implementing custom browser interfaces. Requires J2EE compatible web-application server and Oracle RDBMS back-end.


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    The TissueMetrix Web Storefront is an interactive website that promotes research collaboration by exposing your biospecimen inventory to researchers around the world. The TissueMetrix Web Storefront is a great tool for sharing your collections.

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    Legacy data comes in many different formats and styles: spreadsheets, different varieties of databases, different data models, different vocabularies and so on. TissueMetrix can accommodate virtually any legacy data format.

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    Hosting services for TissueMetrix 2 are for customers who do not wish to deal with IT infrastructure appropriation and system maintenance. Hosting means that a dedicated instance of TissueMetrix is provided as a service at a monthly fee.

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    Note: This version is being phased out. The client-server version of TissueMetrix for Microsoft Windows desktops. A full-featured biobank management system for small to medium-sized single collections.


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  • We use TissueMetrix to manage the data associated with tissue samples collected for research.

    Dr. David Malkin, Director, Cancer Genetics Program | Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

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  • TissueMetrix manages the data associated with the samples collected. The system has been deployed in both of our centers, utilizing a VPN connection

    Dr. Brenda Banwell, Director of Paediatric Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic & Professor of Paediatrics at The Hospital for Sick Children | Montreal, QC & Toronto, ON

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  • Tissue samples and associated clinical data are now secure and easily searchable by authorized staff using TissueMetrix’s user-defined queries.

    Xandi Hamilton, CGRL Coordinator | North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

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  • The TissueMetrix platform provides us with the rigor we require, while enabling us to maintain the flexibility to address project-specific data needs.

    Dr. Kenneth Evans, President & CEO | The Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network, Toronto, ON

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  • Silos no longer... now with TissueMetrix, everything is in one spot...

    Julie Buckmeier, Research Administrator | The University of Arizona Cancer Center

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